We’re more than just a manufacturer of wholesale flavors. Your company’s success is our first concern.

We’re happy to lend our expertise to help you set up a system for establishing consistently great-tasting foods and beverages while keeping your bottom line in mind.

Our expert flavor chemists can help you formulate options that allow you to reduce your need for high-cost supplies such as butter, ground cinnamon, and hard chocolate without sacrificing the robust, natural-tasting flavors your customers demand.

Whether an alcohol-based extract, a water-based emulsion, a glycerin or oil-based concentrate, a syrup-based flavor or a dry powder-based flavor, we help customers choose the most effective and economic flavor system to suit their needs — saving time and money in the process.

flavor optimization

We frequently find food and beverage manufacturers who are using inefficient flavors. Ineffective flavor systems and flavors that are overpriced and weak can hurt your bottom line as well as the overall quality of your products.

Parker Flavors offers more than 100 years of craftsmanship and experience in the flavors industry. We provide insight and ideas for your individual wholesale bakery, beverage, candy and dairy flavoring needs.

We look forward to helping you explore new ways to get the most from your flavors.

We also manufacture and tailor our flavors to meet your technical specifications. All of our flavors are available natural and many are organic compliant. All are Kosher. Most all are free of allergens, glutens and GMOs. All of our flavors are readily modified to meet your concerns.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.