As anyone in the bakery, candy or dairy industry knows, the price of chocolate and cocoa have increased dramatically in recent years. Consumers, however, still demand the same robust, natural chocolate profile.

Parker Flavors has taken the lead in formulating a line of wholesale natural chocolate flavors to offer bakers, confectioners and dairy manufacturers economical options. We can help you reduce the need for high-cost options like cocoa and hard chocolate while preserving the rich chocolate flavors your customers have grown to love.

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We manufacture our natural chocolate flavors extracting flavor from the highest quality cocoa beans available. We also may add other natural chocolate ingredients and enhancers to ensure a uniformly rich, dark chocolate aroma and flavor. Our finished natural chocolate flavors offer a unique combination of complexity and strength that tastes like concentrated liquid chocolate in a bottle!

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All too often, bargain manufacturers cut corners with inferior ingredients and poor manufacturing methods that yield rather weak flavors. What may pass for chocolate flavor is often artificial tasting – and even sulfur-like! Our knowledge and commitment to quality have allowed us to create high-value flavors without sacrificing the complete chocolate profile. Try one of our natural chocolate flavors to experience how a truly exceptional, affordably priced chocolate flavor tastes.

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We manufacture our two most popular natural chocolate flavors with identical flavor profiles. The first, our natural chocolate flavor, is our standard strength for use in a variety of bakery and dairy applications. The second, our natural chocolate concentrate, has been designed especially for candy and coffee applications where strength is paramount. Please contact us for pricing and samples.

ingredient declaration

All ingredients contained in this flavor are approved for use in a regulation of the FDA, or are considered GRAS on a reliable industry list. Contains prime cocoa bean extractives and other natural flavors in glycerin or propylene glycol, alcohol, sugar and water. All Natural Flavor. Kosher certified.

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