From 2000-2005, the cost of vanilla beans, and by extension, pure vanilla extract skyrocketed 10 fold. In fact, wholesale pure vanilla extract reached an unprecedented $225 per gallon! In a continuing effort to provide our customers the highest levels of innovation, quality, and value, Parker Flavors developed a line of natural vanillas as a high quality, heat-stable and sustainable alternative to pure vanilla extract.

robust flavor at a smart price

Our natural vanillas contain all of the flavoring qualities of pure vanilla extract at a lower price point. Even though that the vanilla bean market has returned to more stable levels, one can continue saving with our natural vanillas.

To make our natural vanillas, we start with the finest grade vanilla beans as the main characterizing ingredient. Vanilla bean extractives are then blended with other natural vanilla ingredients for a robust yet delicate flavor.

strength & usage

Our natural vanillas are matched in strength to pure vanilla extract. We have done extensive internal research and sought feedback from food manufacturers, large and small, to ensure that there is no need to adjust your formulas.

ingredient declaration

All ingredients contained in this flavor are approved for use in a regulation of the FDA, or are considered GRAS on a reliable industry list containing prime vanilla bean extractives with other natural flavors in alcohol and water. Glycerin or propylene glycol can be added for heat stability, or sugar for sweetness.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.