Make Mother Nature Jealous!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Ever wonder why so many so-called natural flavors taste artificial? The goal of creating natural flavors should encompass more than simply meeting FDA disclosure and labeling requirements. After all, what good is having a natural label if your product still tastes synthetic? At Parker Flavors we make flavors that excite, satisfying a higher standard — your taste buds! So we proudly introduce our TruFlavors™ line to highlight our most natural tasting, true-to-life profiles. Manufactured and sourced from premium ingredients, these flavors are crafted to stand up to the toughest of scrutiny. And, while we do not pretend to have replicated Mother Nature, we are redefining expectations. To earn our TruFlavor™ distinction, a given flavor must approach a level of quality that very closely simulates its actual source. Ask a representative for specific profiles and samples. Our TruFlavors™ might just give you a whole new appreciation for natural!