Parvan Vanilla

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

We introduced our Nat. Bourbon Vanilla WONFs in the early stages of the previous Vanilla Crisis of 2000. Since then, in high markets and low, this time-tested flavor has proven its worth. New botanical extractives have afforded us an opportunity to create yet another clean, non-GMO, organic option, not dependent on the vanilla market.

Parvan Vanilla is made entirely without vanilla beans, yet contains rich, creamy, smooth, sweet vanilla notes. While it must be emphasized we have not replicated Mother Nature, we have, once again, redefined what’s possible. Characterized by a delicious variety of botanicals and fortified with components found in vanilla beans, Parvan Vanilla offers an exceptional, natural solution in an inflated market.

With Vanilla Extract prices pushing $300 gallon for as far as the eye can see, Parker Flavors now delivers two robust quality vanilla solutions ranging $50-100 gallon. Parvan Vanilla — our latest, most affordable and sustainable alternative yet!