Monday, October 19th, 2015

Increasing demand for natural ingredients is threatening sustainability for many of the world’s most popular crops, from coffee and cocoa to vanilla. And, though many extol the virtues of sustainability, several high-profile companies this year are actually undermining the practice. Clean labeling and purity are now pursued for otherwise highly sweetened candy and cereal, products not generally considered or expected to be healthy. In the absence of evidence that artificial flavors, GMOs or propylene glycol cause harm, much of the food industry has nonetheless decided to feed misconceptions.

Alternatively, The Museum of Food and Drink Museum in Brooklyn, NY exhibit, “Making It & Faking It”, promotes an educational approach, dispelling the myth that artificial flavors are less healthy than natural flavors. Program Director Emma Boast states,  “You must consider more philosophically what natural actually means to you. Because when it comes to food labels, aside from a higher cost, the actual difference between natural and artificial flavors is slight.” Their exhibit runs from October 28th through February.

Along those lines is an illuminating article on flavors:

We are very concerned higher costs and unobtainable raw materials are sure to follow this new, permanent demand for naturally flavored candy and cereal. So, Parker Flavors will continue promoting custom, natural flavors less dependent on scarce sources.