Parker Flavors is proud to have more than 100 years experience producing premium vanillas for the bakery, beverage, candy and dairy industries. We have expanded our expertise to a full spectrum of botanical, fruit, nut and specialty flavors. Our knowledgeable, tailored, quality service is unrivaled.

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Committed to supplying the industry’s best flavoring
We offer a complete line of proven bakery, beverage, candy, and dairy flavors from almond to watermelon, expertly crafted using only the finest ingredients available. Whether you’re looking for extracts, emulsions, concentrates, oils, syrups or powders, we will help you find just the right blend for irresistibly tempting products.

Expert flavorists, exquisite personal service
Parker Flavors has never been satisfied with merely offering the highest quality flavors. We have a firm commitment to providing the very best service to each of our clients. We offer solutions and support tailored to your unique needs. Our master flavorists custom blend flavors to your specifications, offering guidance in creating the best flavor for a new product or application. We consider you a partner, and we are dedicated to your success.


Quality System Excels

April 20, 2018

Parker Flavors receives a 930/1000 food safety rating during a recent audit from AIB. Our customers know we prioritize quality in everything we do. They rely on Parker Flavors to manufacture authentic and safe flavors so their products taste exceptional.

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Parvan Vanilla

March 27, 2018

We introduced our Nat. Bourbon Vanilla WONFs in the early stages of the previous Vanilla Crisis of 2000. Since then, in high markets and low, this time-tested flavor has proven its worth. New botanical extractives have afforded us an opportunity to create yet another clean, non-GMO, organic option, not dependent on the vanilla market.

Parvan Vanilla is made entirely without vanilla beans, yet contains rich, creamy, smooth, sweet vanilla notes. While it must be emphasized we have not replicated Mother Nature, we have, once again, redefined what’s possible. Characterized by a delicious variety of botanicals and fortified with components found in vanilla beans, Parvan Vanilla offers an exceptional, natural solution in an inflated market.

With Vanilla Extract prices pushing $300 gallon for as far as the eye can see, Parker Flavors now delivers two robust quality vanilla solutions ranging $50-100 gallon. Parvan Vanilla — our latest, most affordable and sustainable alternative yet!

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Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Headed

January 2, 2018

The vanilla bean market’s rise since 2015 is rooted in a fragile, unstable economic model. Prices fall when the crop is plentiful and quality is high. Prices increase when the crop is short and quality is low. Why must we pay more for less quality? Limited competition, a labor-intensive crop, poorly compensated farmers, unbridled speculation and devastating weather make vanilla vulnerable to unquenchable demand, perverse incentives and dramatic price swings.

Historically, Madagascar is home to 65% of a 2MT world vanilla crop. Following the previous Vanilla Crisis, ample supply yielded prices in the $30–$80 kg range from 2004-14. Farmers, particularly in India, Indonesia and Uganda switched to more profitable crops over this period, planting the seeds of the current crisis. As yields shrank and global demand increased, prices began their ascent. To make matters worse, farmers were incentivized to pick beans early and adopt quick-curing methods to cash in on high prices even sooner. These practices further diminished output and quality, pushing prices to $500 kg.

Just when it was assumed the situation could not get any worse, a cyclone last March in Madagascar destroyed 20% of the crop and wreaked further havoc, sending prices to $600 kg!

Today, Madagascar claims 85% of the market, effectively the only vanilla producer that matters. What further distinguishes this Vanilla Crisis is an unrelenting demand for natural flavors by the world’s largest food producers. This new demand is fully baked-in and permanent. As a result, even after prices inevitably fall, a very “sticky” high price floor will prevail until competing countries reenter the market. The only practical and sustainable option for industrial users is to source natural alternatives to vanilla extract.

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