Parker Flavors is proud to have more than 100 years experience producing premium vanillas for the bakery, beverage, candy and dairy industries. We have expanded our expertise to a full spectrum of botanical, fruit, nut and specialty flavors. Our knowledgeable, tailored, quality service is unrivaled.

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Committed to supplying the industry’s best flavoring
We offer a complete line of proven bakery, beverage, candy, and dairy flavors from almond to watermelon, expertly crafted using only the finest ingredients available. Whether you’re looking for extracts, emulsions, concentrates, oils, syrups or powders, we will help you find just the right blend for irresistibly tempting products.

Expert flavorists, exquisite personal service
Parker Flavors has never been satisfied with merely offering the highest quality flavors. We have a firm commitment to providing the very best service to each of our clients. We offer solutions and support tailored to your unique needs. Our master flavorists custom blend flavors to your specifications, offering guidance in creating the best flavor for a new product or application. We consider you a partner, and we are dedicated to your success.


Malcolm Parker II 1930-2021

February 1, 2021

Malcolm Parker II, our Chairman, passed away on January 24, 2021 following a courageous battle with Coronavirus. Our company has lost an anchor who spent over six of his nine decades dedicated to Parker Flavors. He worked tirelessly to continue a successful, family-owned and run business as his father and grandfather before him.

Colorfully warm and delightfully quirky, Malcolm brimmed with charm and enthusiasm for his passions. Chief among those were American history, big band and classical music, and lacrosse. An accomplished singer and member of the Handel Choir and various church choirs, his deep, baritone voice commanded attention, belying his small frame. He founded and played goalie for the St. Paul’s Alumni Lacrosse team. His sunny disposition and tenacity buoyed all who knew him. His legacy is indelible.

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Moving Forward

October 6, 2020

We truly appreciate your confidence and trust, particularly as we navigate these challenging times. With that said, we’re pleased to announce our highest-ever food safety score: 970/1000. Achieving this milestone amidst the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrates our resilience and commitment to quality as fundamental to everything we do. Parker Flavors continues to grow and thrive, completing a major facility expansion, thanks to the loyalty of customers like you. Look forward to building on this successful track record together.

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Responding to COVID-19

March 17, 2020

Given the outbreak of COVID-19, Parker Flavors has undertaken the following measures to maintain continuity and safety during this challenging time. …

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