Natural Vanillas

Exceptional Vanilla is Anything but Basic

Early in 2000, we developed a line of Natural Vanillas to address the Vanilla Crisis, which lasted through 2005. Parker Flavors understood its customers' need for an economical and sustainable alternative to high-priced, low-quality vanilla extract. Prices over this period skyrocketed 10-fold! What's more, quality suffers when prices elevate as farmers are incentivized to bring immature beans to market. The vanilla market spiked even higher in 2016, eventually eclipsing $600 kilo, rivaling the price of silver! And, while wholesale vanilla bean prices have since calmed, they remain elevated seven years later. So, to ensure you're receiving the most flavor and value for your money, we suggest considering one of our many natural vanilla options because vanilla markets have only become less sustainable and more volatile this century. 
robust flavor at a smart price
Our natural vanillas contain all of the flavoring qualities of pure vanilla extract at a lower price point. Even though the vanilla bean market is returning to lower, more stable levels, savings continue with our natural vanillas. To make our natural vanillas, we start with the finest grade vanilla beans as the main characterizing ingredient. Vanilla bean extractives are then blended with other natural vanilla components for a robust yet delicate flavor.
strength & usage
Our natural vanillas are paired to meet or exceed the strength of pure vanilla extract. We have done extensive internal research and received feedback from food manufacturers, large and small, to ensure that there is no need to adjust your formulas.
ingredient declaration
All ingredients contained in this flavor are approved for use in a regulation of the FDA, or are considered GRAS on a reliable industry list containing prime vanilla bean extractives with other natural flavors in alcohol and water. Glycerin and/or propylene glycol can be added for improved heat stability, or sugar for sweetness.

Strength & Concentration

With decades of experience perfecting vanillas, our expert flavorists and scientists create flavors that match the strength of extracts, with no need to adjust your formulations when making the switch. Plus, all of our ingredients are considered GRAS and approved for use by the FDA.

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Up against a tight deadline or flavor obstacle and need a solution ASAP? Our expert flavor specialists are at-the-ready to provide high-quality flavor solutions with exceptional value — no matter your budget or timeline. Send us a Flavor SOS and get a winning solution with rapid turnaround.
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Our Customers Have Great Taste

A leading innovator in nutritional food products, this bakery produces protein cookies, brownies, granola bars, and multi-layer baked bars for some of the most respected brands in the nutrition market. Parker Flavors helps keep their expanding company moving forward by providing rapid turnaround on their growing flavor needs and great taste that’s in high demand.

A premium ice cream company brought the tropical fruit ice cream trend from India to a whole new U.S. audience in 2020. Their dedication to natural ingredients led them to Parker Flavors who provides them with the high-quality natural flavorings that raving fans have come to love.

Since the 1960s, this 5th generation family-owned candy company has produced its flagship product with a signature flavor developed by Parker Flavors. More than 60 years later, Parker Flavors continues to provide this unique flavor profile, as well as manufacturing and cost-saving solutions, to this steadfast partner.