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For more than 125 years, Parker Flavors has been setting the standard for high-quality flavorings for the bakery, beverage, candy, dairy and wellness markets. Our expert flavor specialists are at-the-ready with innovative cost-saving solutions delivered in unrivaled turnaround times. From tight deadlines to new flavor profiles and functional formulations, Parker Flavors produces exceptional flavor solutions that elevate products and boost bottom lines. With a company culture dedicated to customer success, Parker Flavors is driven to keep our customers at the top of their markets.

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Tim Parker


On the heels of commemorating 125 years of successful operation, Parker Flavors is exploring ways to guarantee that our one-of-a-kind, industry-leading service and value keeps us at the forefront of our industry. We are making significant capital investments in equipment, information systems and space, while also achieving a record number of new flavor commercializations, a perfect SQF score and organic certification. To celebrate this success and promote growth, we've launched a refreshed brand, including a new logo and website, that reflects our company's extensive capabilities and warm, optimistic culture and creative spirit. Thanks to the loyalty of our customers, the dedication of our employees and our commitment to excellence, Parker Flavors is ready for what's next.

A Legacy of Great Taste

Our team is led by the experience and expertise of four generations of family entrepreneurs and a company culture that is rooted by our dedication to great taste.



Flavor chemist and traveling salesman Malcolm Parker establishes Parker Vanilla Products in Baltimore, Maryland after being blinded in a trolley car accident and later losing his job with the now-defunct H. E. Hay Extract Co. of Baltimore.


Malcolm’s son, Llewellyn Parker, joins the family business and expands the company’s focus, adding new flavors and attracting new markets for the company, including several ice cream manufacturers. He later incorporated the business in 1959.


Malcolm Parker II focuses his energy on building customer relationships throughout the Mid-Atlantic bakery industry, many of which are still active customers today. Malcolm contributed 62 years of dedicated service to the company.



Looking to help the company evolve with its customer base, Malcom’s son, Tim Parker joins the company and becomes CEO in 1997. He begins prioritizing technology investments and marketing initiatives to enhance the company’s growth strategy. The success of these efforts continues to drive company success.


The company develops a line of concentrated, heat-stable Natural Chocolate alternatives to Cocoa Extract.


To address the first of two vanilla crises this century, the company develops a line of Natural Vanilla alternatives to Pure Vanilla Extract.


Parker Vanilla Flavor Products, Inc. changes its name to Parker Flavors to express the company’s long standing commitment and competency in a full range of flavors beyond vanilla – including botanical, fruit, nut and specialty.


Parker Flavors celebrates 125 years of business – the entire team embraces this legacy!


Parker Flavors rebrands with a refreshed logo and new website to promote their growth and exceptional offerings to a wider audience of bakery, beverage, candy, dairy and wellness markets.

Exceptional People are the Essence of Our Culture

Our exceptional staff are proactive, customer-focused and adhere to an “all-hands-on-deck” team approach. Sound like you? Get a taste of what we have to offer qualified team members.
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Our Customers Have Great Taste

A leading innovator in nutritional food products, this bakery produces protein cookies, brownies, granola bars, and multi-layer baked bars for some of the most respected brands in the nutrition market. Parker Flavors helps keep their expanding company moving forward by providing rapid turnaround on their growing flavor needs and great taste that’s in high demand.

A premium ice cream company brought the tropical fruit ice cream trend from India to a whole new U.S. audience in 2020. Their dedication to natural ingredients led them to Parker Flavors who provides them with the high-quality natural flavorings that raving fans have come to love.

Since the 1960s, this 5th generation family-owned candy company has produced its flagship product with a signature flavor developed by Parker Flavors. More than 60 years later, Parker Flavors continues to provide this unique flavor profile, as well as manufacturing and cost-saving solutions, to this steadfast partner.

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