Vanilla has been our signature flavor since Parker Flavors was established in 1897. Our world-class vanillas set the standard for our complete line of proven bakery, beverage, candy, and dairy flavors.

Our pure vanilla extracts are made from the highest quality vanilla beans, incorporating the complete range of their 200-plus compounds.

We carry a full line of pure vanilla extracts from single countries of origin as well as custom blends from multiple regions to meet your specific needs for flavor concentrations, profiles and cost targets. All of our pure vanilla extracts are Kosher and natural certified.


We obtain most of our vanilla beans from three source countries: Madagascar, Indonesia and Tahiti.

Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, characterized by fresh, creamy, raisin-like notes, make up about 70% of the world crop.

Indonesian Java vanilla beans have a slightly stronger, woody character with background chocolate notes.

Tahitian vanilla beans lack the body of the Bourbons and Javas, but their sweet, floral, heliotrope notes and small yield make them the most rare and distinctive of all vanillas.

Vanilla beans that are picked too early or receive too little moisture may present harsh, moldy, smoky, or weak characteristics. At Parker Flavors, care is taken to ensure our customers receive all of the complex, rich flavor mature vanilla beans have to offer.

Madagascan creamy, fresh, raisiny, smooth, sweet
Indonesian strongest in character, earthy, woody, background chocolate notes
Mexican similar to Madagascar with fruity and spicy notes
Tahitian very fragrant, floral, fruity (cherry), sweet

our pride

We take special pride in providing the highest quality wholesale pure vanilla extracts to our customers.

Most manufacturers use extreme heat and pressure to produce their vanilla extracts by the fastest means possible. This essentially cooks the bean, compromising vanilla’s delicate balance of 200-plus compounds.

Our cold percolation process requires more time and patience, but preserves the integrity of the vanilla bean and its full, complex flavor.

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