Parker Flavors Introduces New Brand

Friday, May 15th, 2009

With 110 years experience as a leader in quality and service to the bakery, beverage, candy and dairy industries, our company is adopting a new identity as Parker Flavors. Our goal is to better reflect what has been the scope of our mission for four generations: producing a broad range of high value flavors and consistently putting customers first. While vanilla is the core of our business, our new identity expresses fully our longstanding commitment and competency in all flavors botanical, fruit, nut and specialty. Those familiar with our world class vanillas will want to consider realizing the same quality and value from these many other flavors as well.

parker-flavors-founderThe image celebrated in our new logo is that of our founder, Malcolm Parker, whose proud history truly embodies the determination and perseverance that define the American entrepreneurial spirit. Malcolm originally worked as a successful flavor chemist and salesman with the William Hay Company in Baltimore until he was blinded in an unfortunate trolley car accident and fired from his position. Using his considerable experience and knowledge of flavors, he decided to start Parker Vanilla Products. Malcolm’s former customers were eager to continue their relationship with him and new acquisitions quickly came to appreciate his deep commitment to personal service and quality. As a consequence, his neophyte enterprise survived the Great Depression and thrived in subsequent years. Today, Malcolm’s strong, customer-centered business principles continue to govern all that we do.

In sum, we hope our brand achieves that highly prized, timeless quality which speaks both to the enduring business values of our roots and to the opportunities presented in the current environment. So it is with a humbling sense of gratitude and a spirit of renewed vision that our company is poised once again to embrace the future with a brand new identity. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs and expanding our relationships together beyond vanilla with a legacy of great taste as Parker Flavors!